Online Flamenco Studio Video Sampler

¡Bienvenido to the Online Flamenco Studio!

You may be wondering what you can learn from the Online Flamenco Studio. Well, let me tell you, there’s A LOT!!

I always say that learning flamenco is a journey and not a destination. And I pride myself in being able to clarify the mysteries of this amazing art form.

I do this by breaking it down into three components: the MIND, BODY & SOUL of flamenco.

  • The MIND is all the “academic” stuff like learning the compás, understanding the structure.
  • The BODY is all the, well, body stuff like learning the actual dance technique like marking, upper body, footwork, etc.
  • The SOUL is all about dancing with passion and confidence.


Here are samples of the type of videos you can expect inside the Online Flamenco Studio:

MIND: Lecture about the STRUCTURE of Alegrias

BODY: The first lesson in the intermediate & advanced Fandangos de Huelva CHOREOGRAPHY

SOUL: FB live that I did (they are weekly for members) where I discuss about having CONFIDENCE as a dancer. (That question starts at 6:25.)

Plus here's a video with a WALKTHROUGH the studio.