12 Count New Beginner FB

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Here is a 20 minute flamenco dance class for new beginners.  We learn the 12 count structure that’s the majority of flamenco music, hand clapping and two  marking steps.


12 Count Class for New Beginners

There are over 30 courses with over 200 videos inside the Online Flamenco Studio.

This video is part of the New Beginners 2 course, featuring three modules. We introduce the general 12 count rhythm structure as well as a short choreography in Solea por Buleria. 

  • Module 1- 5 videos. 12 count compás basics with palmas, two markings and arms.
  • Module 2-  7 videos. Structure of a letra of Solea por Buleria, palmas for the music, demo of the choreography and lesson in the llamada. Includes close ups of the footwork.
  • Module 3-  8 videos. Continuing choreography for the letra with new footwork, breaks and markings. Includes close ups of the footwork.

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