Sample Videos

¡Bienvenid@ to the Online Flamenco Studio!

Upper Body (Brazeo)

We’ll work on building strength and fluidity in our hands, arms and overall upper body. We’ll the sultry 4-count rhythm of Tientos.

Footwork (Taconeo)

This video shows Rolling Golpe Basics for new beginners, plus more advanced drills for experienced dancers.  If you’re more advanced, then follow along while playing palmas or go faster! But keep it controlled and clean!

  • TIPS: Keep your abs engaged, bend the knees slightly, relax the quads, engage the glute. Oh and smile 😉
  • MAKE IT EASIER: Use slower music or no music to get the muscle memory of the movement.
  • MAKE IT CHALLENGING: Add arms, accent more, go faster, play palmas- but not necessarily all at the same time 😉

Compás & Palmas (Rhythm and Clapping)

We solidify our compás with palmas.