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Back to Flamenco Basics!

Sept. 6, 5pm Pacific. FREE!

Have you reached a PLATEAU in your flamenco dancing? You've taken flamenco for quite some time, but still can't seem to let go or to express yourself while dancing because you overthink everything? I see it in so many dancers’ faces!!

I talk about KISSing like a flamenco all the time. That’s Keep It Strong and Simple. So, one way of getting out of your flamenco funk of overthinking is by taking a look to see where you can get back to basics.

To get from overthinking to truly feeeeeeling the dance you need two things:

  • *Get that compás in your body
  • *Incorporate some movements into your muscle memory

Join me for a FREE live class on Zoom- September 6, 5pm Pacific (Los Angeles) and we’ll discover that SECRET SAUCE of flamenco and get BACK TO FLAMENCO BASICS!

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