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Q1 I'm not on Facebook. Can I still do the challenge?

YES! The video lessons are available on a website. You will receive a link to them in an email, so you can do the challenge on your own. The Facebook group is for dancers to submit videos of themselves for feedback, encouragement and to qualify for the 1 month free subscription to the Online Flamenco Studio.

Q2 I'm a beginner. Can I do this?

Yes! Remember there are 2 different challenge levels to choose from. Just watch the videos that are specifically for beginners!

Q3 What level of dance experience is this for?

Remember there are 2 different challenge levels to choose from. One for New Beginners and the other for Experienced Dancers. The Experienced Dancers are for those that know the 12 count and some footwork technique. You can be an advanced beginner through advanced dancer. There are variations for all those levels!

Q4 Will the videos be available once the challenge is over?

You can access the videos any time through September 23. Afterwards, they will be taken down. But this workshop IS inside the Online Flamenco Studio.

Q5 Is there a certain time when the lessons are shown?

Each video will be available at midnight on the day of their release. Then you may view them at anytime after that and go back as often as you'd like through September 23.

CAN'T WAIT TO KICK OFF THE flamenco footwork challenge WITH YOU!

We start MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 13! Look for the email!!

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