SPEAK Flamenco in order to DANCE Flamenco!


Learn the STRUCTURE of flamenco dance

Wednesday, October 25, 5pm Pacific/Los Angeles

A replay will be available!!

You may be dancing flamenco but do you even KNOW what you're doing????

If not, then it could be you have no idea about the structure of flamenco.


It’s all the parts, sections or components of a dance.

I’ve had countless dancers come to my classes (live or online) and lament that they took years of flamenco and STILL didn’t understand it. They learned plenty of choreographies but still couldn’t dance freely with the knowledge that they actually knew what they were doing!

It’s understanding the language of flamenco.

* To watch it

* To learn it

* Ultimately to improvise

This is IMPORTANT and ESSENTIAL for ALL levels of dancers: new beginner, advanced, old, young. 

Ready to speak flamenco? Then join me for a


Wednesday, October 25, 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern)

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During this lecture we will watch flamenco performance videos and go over the parts/components/sections of full flamenco dances in Alegrías and Solea por Bulerías.

You will learn:

     *The overall flow of a dance and how to identify them.

     *How to distinguish the differences between llamadas, remates and cierres.

     *Understand the differences between taconeo and escobillas.

     *Which artist (guitarist, singer, dancer) is leading and/or following throughout the dance.

Can't make it live? A REPLAY will be available!

Meet your teacher,

Rina Orellana

Trained in Madrid and based in Los Angeles, California, I've been dancing flamenco for over 25 years. I've also been training dancers for 20 years- from new beginners through advanced, ready to dance in tablaos.

After all these years of teaching, I've really learned what budding and seasoned dancers struggle with. And I say NO more imitating a bunch of steps from a choreography with no knowledge of what you're actually dancing!

I believe that dancing flamenco is a personal journey and we all have something unique to offer. I am passionate about helping dancers unleash their inner Flamenca by bravely stepping up to be seen.

I have a special gift of making the complex simple!! My goal is clarify the secret language of the art form so that you can truly dance it with confidence and self expression. ¡Ole!

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Can't make it live? A REPLAY will be available!

"Jaleos" for Rina's Workshops and the Online Flamenco Studio

("Jaleos" are the words of encouragement that flamencos give to performers such as OLE, TOMA, ARSA!)


How long is the class & what will we do?

The class will be about an hour and a half. We will watch various flamenco performance videos and go over all the different parts of the dance.


What equipment do I need?

We will NOT be dancing, but you might want to take notes, so bring a notebook! 


Do I need any experience? Who is this for?

This lecture is for all levels!! New beginners are not expected to remember all of this but it's important to be exposed to it. And if you have more flamenco experience, then this is ESSENTIAL LEARNING!!!


I can't make it live, will there be a replay?

YES! A replay will be sent out to those that sign up. But the replay will be available for a short amount of time, so be sure to watch it ASAP. You can even review the video if you come to class live.

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