What you need to know to teach Flamenco!

Live Free Workshop with Rina Orellana

Thursday, September 29, 10am Pacific (1pm Eastern)

*Can't make it live? Recording will be available!

In this free workshop, I'll share what I've learned from close to 20 years of flamenco teaching experience:

  • How to know if you're READY to teach
  • What makes a GOOD flamenco teacher
  • How to START teaching
  • WHAT to teach new beginners

Meet your teacher, Rina Orellana

I've been teaching flamenco for 20 years - new beginners through advanced levels, training dancers to perform in tablaos or just have a good time! Besides teaching live classes locally, I teach online through my Online Flamenco Studio where I have dancers from all over the world learn with me through video-on-demand lessons. From my many years of experience, I have developed my own style of teaching that is effective and clear. I love, love, love making flamenco understandable to students and, now, to other dancers wanting to teach flamenco themselves.


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*Can't make it live? Recording will be available!

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