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Mind, Body & Soul of Flamenco Workshop

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Is this you?

*You've never taken flamenco before but are intimidated about starting as an adult.


*You've taken flamenco for quite some time, but still can't seem to let go or to express yourself while dancing because you overthink.


*You've learned plenty of choreographies and techniques but still don't understand flamenco.


*You've realized that flamenco is way more than just a bunch of steps, but you can't figure out what the missing piece is for you.

Any of this ring true? Then you can't miss the


  • Discover what makes a SOULFUL dancer compared to a technical dancer.
  • Learn how you can BECOME that soulful dancer even if you're a new beginner or you've been stuck in a flamenco rut.
  • Get in tune with the HEARTBEAT of flamenco.
  • Learn the fundamentals to dance with AIRE and EXPRESSION.
  • Tap into that flamenco energy that allows you to dance with CONFIDENCE.

Meet your teacher, Rina Orellana

Trained in Madrid and based in Los Angeles, California, I've been dancing flamenco for 25 years. I've also been training dancers for over 15 years- from new beginners through advanced, ready to dance in tablaos.

After all these years of teaching, I've really learned what budding and seasoned dancers struggle with. And I say NO more imitating a bunch of steps from a choreography with no knowledge of what you're actually dancing!

I believe that dancing flamenco is a personal journey and we all have something unique to offer. I am passionate about helping dancers unleash their inner flamenca by bravely stepping up to be seen.

My goal is clarify the secret language of the art form so that you can truly dance it with confidence and self expression. ¬°Ole!

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"Jaleos" for the Mind, Body & Soul of Flamenco Workshop

("Jaleos" are the words of encouragement that flamencos give to performers such as OLE, TOMA, ARSA!)