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FLAMENCO HAS CALLED YOU and now you've answered!

Welcome to the BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO FLAMENCO with Rina Orellana

With this guide, you'll begin to feed your soul, engage your spirit as you begin your flamenco journey.

1) DOWNLOAD the Flamenco history and beginners' guideline

2) DANCE along with me in the two video lessons

Foundations for Brazeo (Upper Body)

  • Rhythm (compás) 
  • Hand clapping (palmas)
  • Arm positioning (brazeo)
  • Hand movement (floreo)

Foundations for Taconeo (Footwork) 

  • Golpe (flat foot)
  • Tacón (heel)
  • Planta (ball of foot)
  • Talón (heel with toe up)
  • Brazeo

  • Taconeo


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Meet your teacher, Rina Orellana

It's my pleasure to offer this free beginner's guide to flamenco to help you reignite your flamenco practice (or even start one!)

I've been dancing flamenco for over 25 years and I've helped HUNDREDS OF DANCERS from all over the world unleash their inner flamenca with my Online Flamenco Studio.

It's my hope that I can help you to unleash your inner Flamenca and dance with power and confidence.