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Whether you're a complete beginner or experienced dancer!

Does this sound like YOU?

You hear the strum of the flamenco guitar and the singer's "quejío" (ay, ay, aaaayyyy) and your heart stirs. You've always dreamed of dancing flamenco because you are drawn to the passion and intensity. Or maybe you've been away from flamenco for many years and are ready to dedicate yourself again to dancing. Perhaps you've been taking flamenco dance lessons for years but still don't understand how it works!

Plus, you want to learn it on your own time but still with a community.

Any of this true? Then IMAGINE if you could...

  •  DANCE CONFIDENTLY no matter what your level- whether you're a NEW BEGINNER or EXPERIENCED dancer!
  • Get the STEP BY STEP GUIDANCE you need to flourish while learning to dance online, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE
  • UNDERSTAND the secret language of flamenco
  • DANCE YOUR TRUTH! Dance courageously with expression and "aire" (attitude)
  • Be a part of a COMMUNITY with other flamencas just like you from around the world 

Whether you're just starting out or you've been dancing for years, 

you, too, can dance with PASSION, CONFIDENCE & ABANDON!


With these three fundamentals of Flamenco:


We start with the HEARTBEAT of flamenco, the compásthe rhythm.


Then we move on to how do we want to FEEL while dancing, and that has to do with getting in touch with the aire or the attitude of the particular palo (rhythm) we're dancing.


And finally, and most importantly, we tap into our own personal COURAGE so we can allow ourselves to STAND UP AND BE SEEN!

THIS is how we dance with CONFIDENCE!!

Then we can DANCE, DANCE, DANCE with our entire


---because we know that flamenco isn't just learning a bunch of steps!

This is what other dancers say...

Hola, I'm Rina Orellana!
I'd love to be your flamenco teacher and mentor.

Trained in Madrid and based in Los Angeles, California, I've been dancing flamenco for 25 years. I've also been training dancers for over 15 years- from new beginners through advanced, ready to dance in tablaos.

After all these years of teaching, I've really learned what budding and seasoned dancers struggle with. And I say NO more imitating a bunch of steps from a choreography with no knowledge of what you're actually dancing!

I believe that dancing flamenco is a personal journey and we all have something unique to offer. I am passionate about helping dancers unleash their inner flamenca by bravely stepping up to be seen. 

My goal is clarify the secret language of the art form so that you can truly dance it with confidence and self expression. 

Since 2016, hundreds and hundreds of dancers from all over the world have unleashed their flamenca with me in the Online Flamenco Studio. I hope you will join us.

¡Olé! Vámanos- let's do it.



Introducing the Online Flamenco Studio

a truly comprehensive monthly membership for women to dance anytime, anywhere, at your own pace

  • Learn flamenco through Rina's holisitc Mind, Body & Soul approach to Flamenco
  • Access 40+ on-demand video courses for new beginners through advanced levels
  • Choose lessons in technique (marking, footwork, turns & more), choreographies & lectures
  • Be a part of a vibrant community of flamencas just like you!)
  • More lessons continuously added

Why learn flamenco online?

Of course, the BEST way to learn flamenco is to be LIVE in a studio setting with a good teacher.

But you may NOT HAVE flamenco near you.

Or you may want to SUPPLEMENT what you already get from your local teachers.

Either way, I know that the Online Flamenco Studio WORKS. Hundreds and hundreds of dancers have danced with me online since I started back in 2016!!

Yes, you can learn technique and choreography from your local teachers and from my online studio. But with the Online Flamenco Studio you also learn the LANGUAGE of flamenco, something that, frankly, many teachers don't teach or don't even know!

Let's explore inside the membership...

Our 40+ courses (and counting!)...


This is the cornerstone of the Online Flamenco Studio. These courses provide a solid foundation in technique for all dance levels.

Clear explanations and drills for:

▪️Marking (marcaje)

▪️Turns (vueltas)

▪️Footwork (taconeo)

▪️Solea por Buleria, Alegrias, Tientos, Solea, Siguirilla


Learn complete choreographies to recorded music. Use them as-is or adapt them to use with live musicians.

▪️Beginner: Tangos, Sevillanas, Garrotín

▪Intermediate: Alegrias, Colombianas with fan, Fandangos de Huelva, Solea por Bulerias
▪️Intermediate/Advanced: Guajiras with fan, Solea por Bulerias, Farruca, Tientos, Bulerias, Seguirillas
▪️Advanced: Alegrias, Solea, Sevillanas Flamencas
▪️Escobillas for all levels


Learn flamenco from the absolute beginning with these three courses that introduce technique, rhythm, marking steps and footwork. Then we apply them to a simple choreography. Also get a strong overview of flamenco with the lectures.


▪️Intro to Flamenco- Tangos

▪️Intro to 12 Count- Solea por Bulerias

▪️Intro to Footwork

▪️Elements of Flamenco Lecture


Extra workshops and lessons to enhance your flamenco skills:

▪️Upper Body Focus

▪️Footwork Drills

▪️Contratiempo (counter time)


▪️Bulerias Zone (techniques & how to improvise)

▪️How to Improvise Letras Workshop

▪️Building "Aire" Workshop

▪️Beginning bata de cola

▪️How to Create an Escobilla Workshop


Stay motivated and accountable to make steady progress by joining our monthly member challenge. The support from the group is AMAZING! Or, you can kickstart your own practice by choosing any of the other pre-made challenges:

▪️Jumpstart Your Practice in 10 Minutes a Day Workshop

▪️21 Day Fierce Flamenca Practice

▪️7 Day Flamenco Quick Start

▪️4 Day Footwork Challenge


Learn the structure, components and compás (rhythm counts) of the various palos (rhythmical styles) and how to break down a dance number. Various lectures for:


The Elements of Flamenco, Structure of Flamenco, How to Choreograph Flamenco, Tangos, Bulerias, Guajiras, Solea por Bulerias, Alegrias, Fandangos de Huelva, Farruca, Solea, Tarantos, Seguirilla, Tientos.

As an added BONUS
with your membership, you get accountability, support AND an amazing community!


Hang out with other like-minded flamenco aficionados from around the world in the Facebook group. Share your stories, stay accountable, and build friendships. Plus, get personal FEEDBACK on your dance videos.


Twice monthly live calls via ZOOM with Rina to answer your questions AND special bonus teachings.


These keep you focused, accountable and progressing steadily. Tackle a new choreography or technique TOGETHER.


$36 USD

  • Complete access 24/7 to 40+ video on demand courses
  • Classes for new beginners through advanced
  • BONUS #1- A positive, vibrant & supportive community of women
  • BONUS #2- Regular challenges to keep you accountable & progressing
  • BONUS #3- Live Q&A's & trainings with Rina, your inspiring mentor and teacher
  • Only about $1 per day!

Is the Online Flamenco Studio right for you?


  • You want a complete flamenco education and not just a bunch of choreography
  • You have a space to practice in your home or in a studio
  • You're willing to create a consistent practice for yourself
  • You're ok with learning online or at least trying!

Maybe not?

  • You'd rather just learn choreographies and don't really care about the language, structure, nuances of flamenco
  • You have no where to dance
  • You're not willing to make time for your flamenco practice
  • You don't want to learn flamenco online


This is a comprehensive online flamenco dance membership unlike any other. I am there to guide you. The community is there to support you. You just need to show up and let that inner flamenca come out!


How does this work?

You sign up for a monthly or annual membership that renews automatically. Once you log in, you have complete access to over 40 courses, containing over 200 video lessons. There are follow along programs for new beginner, beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels to keep you on track and make steady progress. There are classes in various techniques and choreographies, as well as lectures that teach the structure of the various dances. There's also a private Facebook group so you can connect with the other members, share your practice plan, ask questions, get feedback and be with your tribe!

I'm not on Facebook, can I still join?

YES! All the video lessons and the Q&A Zoom recordings are in the membership area of the website. The community is on Facebook but you have access to all the video dance lessons on the membership site.

What equipment do I need?

You'll need a reliable internet connection for your computer, tablet, mobile or television. For dancing, you'll need a good pair of flamenco shoes and a dance floor. The dance floor can be something as simple as an inch think piece of plywood from the home improvement store covered with a coat of clear polyurethane.

What is the time commitment?

You sign up for a monthly or annual membership that renews automatically. Once you log in, you have complete access to over 40 courses, containing over 200 video lessons. There are follow along programs for new beginner,

If you think of learning flamenco like learning a language or a musical instrument, that should put it into perspective and keep your expectations in check.

beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels to keep you on track and make steady progress. There are classes in various techniques and choreographies, as well as lectures that teach the structure of the various dances. There's also a private Facebook group so you can connect with the other members, share your practice plan, ask questions, get feedback and be with your tribe!

Can I *really* learn to dance flamenco online?

YES, YES and YES! I've taught HUNDREDS of dancers from all over the world. My specialty is focusing on teaching you HOW to learn flamenco. It's all about getting the compás (rhythm) in your muscle memory, taking one piece at a time, and truly understanding the structure of the dance. But more importantly, for you, the dancer, you must be consistent in your efforts to see any results. But that's ok because I've got your back!! PLUS you can get direct feedback from me. Just submit your video in the members only Facebook group and I will help you.

I'm a beginner, is this site for me?

Yes! There is a New Beginner Area with three separate courses that walk you through the very first fundamentals of flamenco. They cover flamenco rhythm, marking and footwork technique as well as learning two separate choreographies. Expect to take about 4 weeks (sometimes shorter, sometimes longer) for each course if you're logging in a few times per week.

I'm an advanced dancer, can I really learn anything new here?

There is material in the Online Flamenco Studio to challenge advanced dancers with choreography as well as building aire and truly understanding the nuances of the music in all aspects of technique. One of the most valuable lessons are the lectures where I completely break down the structure of different palos so that you can truly understand what you're dancing and why. Plus you have access to me to offer you feedback and answer any questions you have.

Can I download the videos?

The videos are available by streaming only. So you need an internet connection for your mobile, tablet, computer or television to access the Studio. Downloading the videos are not possible. You have complete access to all the videos as long as your subscription is current.

What if I don't understand something from the lessons or have other questions?

Easy! You can post your all your questions in the private Facebook group for the Online Flamenco Studio Community. Also, Rina hosts live weekly Q&A's in the community Facebook group. To get personal feedback, you must submit a video in the group.

Am I obligated with a contract?

You may cancel at anytime. There are no contract commitments. 

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