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The ONLINE FLAMENCO STUDIO is more than an online membership site that teaches you how to dance flamenco.

Whether you're just starting out or you've been dancing for years, you too can dance with passion & confidence--- with your complete Mind, Body & Soul!

40+ courses for new beginners through advanced levels in foundational movement, technique, choreography, lectures plus a thriving community and guidance from Rina. 

With the Online Flamenco Studio, you'll dance the way you dream of dancing!

  • Dance your truth! Dance courageously with expression and "aire"
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  • Be a part of a community with other flamencas just like you from around the world 
  • ¡Hola! I'm Rina Orellana,

    Trained in Madrid and based in Los Angeles, California, I've been dancing flamenco for 25+ years. I've also been training dancers for over 15 years- from new beginners through advanced, ready to dance in tablaos.

    After all these years of teaching, I've really learned what budding and seasoned dancers struggle with. And I say NO more imitating a bunch of steps from a choreography with no knowledge of what you're actually dancing! 

    I believe that dancing flamenco is a personal journey and we all have something unique to offer. 

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