Upper Body Challenge
Complete Video Workshop

Just in case you missed a day, here are all the videos in the 5-day workshop presented by Rina Orellana & the Online Flamenco Studio. 


VIDEO #1. Beginning Basics

This video will set you up for proper positioning for arms & hands. Keep those shoulders down ad elbows back!

VIDEO #2. Beginning 12 Count

The majority of flamenco is in the 12 count rhythm and you'll be able to adapt the technique we used in Tangos for this rhythm as well. But still remember to keep those shoulders down, elbows back and abs engaged.

VIDEO #3. Variations for Tientos

In this video, you'll be able to add a little bit of your own personality in the movement. Tientos is a syrupy, feminine rhythm, so you keep the energy throughout your movement but still- keep it strong!

VIDEO #4. Variations for Guajiras

In this video, we work with the languid rhythm of Guajiras. Think humidity, femininity and fluidity. But of course,  strong, controlled and expressive!

VIDEO #5. Variations for Segurilla

In this final video, we work with the dramatic rhythm Seguirilla. Channel some serious flamenco energy here with intensity, drama and control. 


You did it! I hope you enjoyed this video workshop and are on your way to expressing your upper body with control and confidence!

You did it! Now what?  You have until tonight, Friday, January 17, 11:59pm PST to post a video of yourself in the Online Flamenco Studio FREE Community Group to be eligible to win a FREE 3 month subscription to the Online Flamenco Studio.  

You may submit up to 5 different videos. The winner will be drawn at random and announced  on January 18. 

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