Sevillanas 1st Copla


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Sevillanas is a folkloric dance from Seville that is usually danced in couples (whichever gender). It is common to see this danced all day and night at the Feria de Primavera en Sevilla. It’s a set choreography in four coplas or four parts. While there may be other variables in styling, the underlying structure is always there. So, you can dance Sevillanas with someone else who knows a different version of it, as long as you’re both doing the same copla. The count is in sixes.

First, you’ll see a demo of all four coplas of Sevillanas.

Then you can start learning the first copla in three easy lessons.


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These videos are part of the Sevillanas choreography course, featuring four modules. 

  • Copla 1- 8 videos. Demo, Sevillana step tutorial and practice, Pasada step tutorial, Copla tutorials in 3 lessons, practice session.
  • Copla 2-  4 videos. Demo, Copla tutorials in 2 lessons, practice session.
  • Copla 3-  6 videos. 3rd Copla demo, tutorials in 3 lessons, practice session.
  • Copla 4- 4 videos. Demo & practice, Tutorials in 3 lessons.


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