FREE 5 Day Flamenco Fresh Start Challenge

Fallen off the FLAMENCO WAGON

and wanting to RECOMMIT?

*Or you've always DREAMED OF DANCING flamenco because you are drawn to the passion and intensity but wonder if it's too late to learn.

* Perhaps you've been away from flamenco for many years and you are finally READY TO DEDICATE YOURSELF to dancing again but don't know where to start.

* Maybe you still don't seem to be able to COORDINATE YOUR BODY, feel the COMPAS and look even BLAND when you see yourself on video.

Any of this ring true? Then you can't miss this

FREE Flamenco

Fresh Start Challenge

 January 3 - 7, 2024

Let’s start 2024 muy flamenca and dive into the heart of flamenco dance technique with our 5-day dance challenge-- tailor-made for both beginners and seasoned dancers.

Our Journey includes:

Daily 10-Minute Technique Lessons:

Elevate your skills with daily video lessons focusing on key flamenco techniques- expressive upper body, fluid marking steps, strong footwork, controlled turns and a combination with all of the moves. Each video lesson builds a foundation for more confidence and trust in the compás. In!!

Community Connection:

Become a part of our supportive Facebook group, where dancers of all levels come together. Share your progress, celebrate achievements, and receive jaleos from the vibrant flamenco community.

Win Prizes:

We're here to celebrate your dance journey! Free 2 week subscriptions to the Online Flamenco Studio will be given away DAILY, with a GRAND PRIZE of a free 3 month subscription!

How to Participate:

1. Enter your email address to secure your spot and receive daily lessons that will shape your flamenco journey. We start on Wednesday, January 3!!

2. Engage with the community in our Facebook group – lots of love, community and support!

3. Share your practice videos in the group and you could be one of our prize winners!

Meet your teacher,

Rina Orellana

Trained in Madrid and based in Los Angeles, California, I've been dancing flamenco for 25 years. I've also helped THOUSANDS OF DANCERS from all over the world unleash their inner flamenca with my Online Flamenco Studio since 2016.

After all these years of teaching, I've really learned what budding and seasoned dancers struggle with. My goal is clarify the secret language of the art form so that you can truly dance it with confidence and self expression.

I believe that dancing flamenco is a personal journey and we all have something unique to offer. I am passionate about helping dancers unleash their inner Flamenca by bravely stepping up to be seen.


Enter your email address to register for this FREE 5 Day Flamenco Fresh Start Challenge

"Jaleos" for Rina's Workshops and the Online Flamenco Studio

("Jaleos" are the words of encouragement that flamencos give to performers such as OLE, TOMA, ARSA!)


What experience do I need?

This is open to new beginners to experienced dancers alike. There are variations for all levels!

I’m not on Facebook, can I still participate?

YES! The video lessons are on the website. However, the prizes are only available to dancers that post their practice videos into the Facebook group.

How long will the videos be available?

The video lessons will be available until January 11 and then they will be moved into the Online Flamenco Studio membership.

How can I win a free membership to the Online Flamenco Studio?

It’s easy! All you have to do is post a video of your flamenco practice inside the Facebook group. One person will be chosen everyday for a free 2 week membership (a total of 5) and a grand prize of a free 3 month membership will go to one super lucky flamenca! Offer available only new students.

What is this again???

This is a 5 day Flamenco New Year Fresh Start Challenge. We start January 3. Each day you’ll receive a 10 video that focuses on a single technique: upper body, marking, footwork, turns and combinations. You can also submit your practice videos in the private Facebook group for a chance to win a free membership to the Online Flamenco Studio.

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