Via ZOOM on Sunday December 4,
 8pm (Spain CET) 11am PST (2pm EST)

Recording will be available!

During this FREE Navidad Flamenca Workshop with Puela Lunaris, we will:

• Learn the difference between flamenco as a performing art and flamenco as a living culture, a way of life.
• Understand what is Zambomba.
• Realize why the traditional Navidad Flamenca in Spain almost disappeared and how it has been recovered.
• Discover a time & place in Spain where flamenco as a living culture is still alive!


Even if you can't attend live, if you sign up, you'll gain access to the replay
While flamenco as a performing art is growing strong, flamenco as a living culture is almost in danger of extinction.
Navidad Flamenca is one of the few times in the year when Spaniards still gather together to sing and dance like there is no tomorrow. 
Let's join them!

¡Hola! I am Puela Lunaris. Thanks for letting me be your guide into one of the most endearing aspects of my native culture in Spain: Navidad Flamenca!

I am a multimedia producer, a dance educator, and the founder of Raíces Flamencas, a program devoted to safeguarding aspects of flamenco in danger of extinction.

Not only have I been recording authentic Zambomba rituals (Navidad Flamenca) in Jerez (the Flamenco Capital of the world) since 2004, I have also earned a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Culture and Dance Education from the State University of New York (SUNY) and a Master in Digital Media from New York University (NYU). It is my honor and delight to share the magic of my culture with you! 

Join us December 4, 11am PST (2pm EST, 8pm Spain CET) LIVE on Zoom