Intro to Flamenco Mini Course

- Each lesson we cover a basic flamenco technique: rhythm, hand clapping, posture and hands

- You'll also receive a complete Beginners' Guide to Flamenco.

10 Minutes of Flamenco a Day Workshop

- Once you join, you get complete access to this fun five day challenge. No time limits!

- Each day we cover a basic flamenco technique: upper body, marking, footwork, turns & combinations

- Each video is adaptable for all levels- new beginners through advanced

12 Count Class for New Beginners

- 20 minute flamenco dance class for new beginners

- We learn the 12 count structure that’s the majority of flamenco music, hand clapping and two marking steps

​Step One to Improvise, Compas

- 10 minute flamenco dance class to make sure your compás is solid with palmas

- It’s the first step to learning how to improvise flamenco

Rolling Golpe Footwork Drill

- 15 minute footwork drill using the “rolling golpe” technique

- Beginners will be able to do the first part. Intermediates will be able to do the entire class. Advanced dancers can try doing the drills while playing palmas for themselves