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November 10-12, 2023 in Long Beach, California

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Bulerías and Tangos are the holy grail when it comes to dancing flamenco in a cuadro or a juerga. They're fun and funky and there isn't the pressure of doing an entire solo. But, then there's the scary part of it being improvised and learning all the rules of what to do!! It can be super scary in the beginning because of ALL the things that can go wrong! 

  • You get out of compás because you're nervous.
  • You rush and then can't keep up with yourself.
  • You can't "hear" the singer actually singing because you're so wrapped up in trying to *do* your choreography.  
  • You don't understand how to *lead* and *follow* within your dance.
  • You want to do overly complicated material and you *just* can't quite pull it off

So, what do you need to know, then, to be able to dance confidently with live musicians to Bulerías and Tangos whether it's in a student show, a juerga or even in tablao

Compás. Structure. A few marcajes and remates that are IN your bones.

Plus, my favorite--- KISS: keep it strong and simple!

Is this even possible if you're an advance beginner? YES! How about an intermediate dancer? DEFINITELY! 

Join Rina Orellana and special guest musicians for an intensive weekend where you'll feel the compás, structure and aire guide you so that you can dance Bulerías and Tangos and even improvise with confidence.

CUADRO SKILLS Tangos & Bulerías Weekend Workshop 

Even if you're nowhere near ready to perform!!


Even if you're an advanced dancer, you MUST always work on compás. We will make sure that you are able to stay in compás or get back into it. This will ultimately help in dancing with live music and improvisation.


Just like all dances, Tangos & Bulerías have their own structure and flow. Understand this and you'll be able to "listen" to the cante, "mandar" (take command) in your solo, communicate with the musicians with your movement and be ready to improvise.


Once you understand the structure, then you'll be able to improvise: adjust your dancing to follow the singer, follow the guitarist's falseta and "breathe" overall throughout your dance.


This is NOT just technique and choreography for Tangos & Bulerías! This is learning those elements AND the structure THEN applying it to live music as you lead and follow the musicians.... EVEN IF YOU'RE NOWHERE NEAR READY OR WILLING TO PERFORM!

This is a chance to learn the nuances of flamenco first hand -- the stuff you're NEVER taught in class

Dancing with live musicians is a way to truly deepen your flamenco practice and understanding. It's one thing to copy the teacher and a whole other thing to dance on your own IN COMPAS with musicians.

During this 3 day workshop, you will learn (depending on your level):

  • The simple structure and flow of Bulerías and Tangos
  • A super quick and simple choreography for each
  • How to improvise by listening
  • How to make your simple movements look and feel more powerful
  • How to communicate with musicians
  • How to get back on track and in compás when things go wrong during your dance.

You can expect expert and personal feedback with Rina's 25+ years of flamenco experience.

Also included in the weekend:

  • Picnic reception Friday afternoon after class at nearby park
  • Optional shopping trip to Flamenco West in Playa del Rey on Saturday morning before class.
  • Optional flamenco dinner show Saturday night at Cafe Sevilla, Long Beach
  • A chance to see all of your compañeras LIVE!


This workshop is open to advanced beginners through advanced levels. This is NOT for new beginners. (I'm sorry!)

It's ok if you're not even close to being able to perform or really have no desire to perform. But this will be an invaluable experience to being able to dance independently and confidently with live music.

Everything will be adaptable to your own level. However, you must:

  • Have a firm grasp of the 12 count compás
  • Be able to dance simple marcajes (marking steps)
  • Be experienced in basic footwork

If you're an advanced beginner, your focus will be to gain the confidence of the compás in your body so that you can dance a combination by yourself but with lots of support. 

If you're an intermediate dancer, you will focus more on being able to dance both Tangos & Bulerias with super simple marcajes on your own. You will begin to listen to the nuances of the guitarist and singer and being able to adjust accordingly.

If you're an advanced dancer, then you will focus on being able to adjust your dancing to the type of letra the singer sings as well as adjust for any falsetas... and any other surprises!


Friday, November 10, 1-3pm- TANGOS & BULERIAS WORKSHOP

Compás, compás, compás

Structure, structure, structure

Learn a super simple, quick combination for Tangos and Bulerías to get ready to work with the musicians. We'll use Solo Compas and practice our palmas for each other.

Friday, November 10, 3:30-5pm- PICNIC

At Bluff Park after the workshop

Saturday, November 11, in the morning, time TBD- (OPTIONAL) Flamenco Shopping Trip

Get all your flamenco supplies (shoes, shawls, castanets, fringe and more!) at Flamenco West in Playa del Rey with a special, by appointment-only trip.

Saturday, November 11, 1:30-4:40pm- TANGOS WORKSHOP

We'll focus on dancing our combination por Tangos with the guitarist and singer. Put those cuadro skills to work and finish with our own juerga!

Saturday, November 11, 6:30pm- (OPTIONAL) Flamenco Dinner Show

Watch Rina and other of LA's finest flamenco artists for a dinner show at Cafe Sevilla in Long Beach. This show is separate and reservations must be made directly with the restaurant.

Sunday, November 12, 10am-1pm- BULERIAS WORKSHOP

We'll continue with our cuadro skills and focus on our combination por Bulerias with the singer and guitarist and finish with our own juerga!


The dance workshops will be held at Studio M Dance Academy, 324 Redondo Ave., Long Beach, CA 90814 (in Los Angeles County)


$399 paid in full

or 4 payments of $100



Accommodations are not included.

Long Beach is an exciting city with many economical and lovely rentals via Airbnb and VRBO in Bluff Heights, which is walking distance to the studio.

Short-term rentals or hotels in the surrounding coastal areas near the studio include: Belmont Shores, Bluff Park, Alamitos Beach and the Waterfront.


Transportation is not included.

I recommend you stay close to the studio and team up with others to Lyft on various excursion or rent a car.

Fly into Long Beach Airport.

Cancellation Policy

There are no refunds for workshops to students who fail to attend. Students who cancel within 14 days of the workshop start date will be given a refund. Rina Orellana Flamenco & the Online Flamenco Studio reserve the right to cancel or change the date of any workshop due to insufficient enrollment or unforeseen circumstances. We will do our best to notify registrants in a timely manner should this occur and full refunds will be issued.

Flamenco Dinner Show

The dinner show on November 11, 6:30pm, is at Cafe Sevilla, Long Beach and is a separate fee. You must make reservations online for this 3-course meal and show. Cost is $69.50 per person AND you'll be seated at community tables so you can be with all of our workshop flamencas!


I'm a beginner, can I come?

I'm sorry, but this workshop is not for you. You must have some experience in flamenco and be able to dance comfortably in the 12 count.


How much experience do I *really* need to do this?

If you're an "advanced beginner" and you understand the 12 count, have experience with various marcajes and taconeos, then you'll be fine! This will be a great opportunity to  engrain the compás in your body even more.

If you're an intermediate dancer, then this will propel you to find ways to express yourself more confidently.

If you're an advanced dancer, you'll be able to fine tune your ears, expression and compás.


Will there be recordings available or live streaming?

Unfortunately, NO recordings or live streaming will be available. As a participant you will be able to record bits and pieces, just not the whole thing.


Can I just come to one or two days and not the whole weekend?

The only option to purchase is the entire weekend. No cost adjustments will be made if you can't come to all the classes.


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