Imagine dancing an Alegrias that's ALL your own!

Have you ever wanted to choreograph your own dance but had no idea how to even begin?

What’s really important is understanding the structure of a dance as well as the palo that you’re dancing.

The goal is to choreograph a dance, understand the structure so that you can dance your choreography confidently AND even leave room for improvisation.

Are YOU ready?

Then join the


You'll end this intensive 9 week workshop with a complete Alegrias that's ALL your own!

7 LIVE Lessons via Zoom

I’ll walk you through the process one section at a time- the same way I choreograph for myself! You’ll have an entrada, 2 llamadas, 2 letras, subida, silencio, escobilla, Bulerias de Cadiz and estribillo.

9 LIVE Feedback Sessions via Zoom

Share your weekly homework and I'll offer you feedback on your progress.

Understand the Structure of Alegrias

Each lesson we'll dive deeper into the structure of Alegrias and discover ways to get inspired to create your own choreographies. You'll use these tools to create your own simple but mighty Alegrias, one section at a time.

Here’s what dancers have said from our last workshop

$397 paid in full OR

4 monthly payments of $115

¡Hola! I'm Rina Orellana

It's my pleasure to offer this workshop on How to Choreograph Alegrias to a wider group of dancers.

I've been helping my own dancers in my live studio classes create their own dances for the last 15 years.

Choreographing your own dance is easier when you truly understand the structure of the dance. This will also free you up to improvise, too!

I truly love empowering flamenco dancers in their flamenco journey. And I delight in making the complex seem simple!! So I hope you join us. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What level of experience is this for?

*Intermediate and Advanced dancers that have a strong sense of compás
*Self motivated dancers that can complete the homework every week.
*Brave souls that are willing to post their homework videos in a private link on YourTube to be shared only with the group.

What is the time commitment?

There is one hour of instruction per week. The weekly feedback session will go as long as is needed. But, you WILL need to make time to do the homework, which is creating that week's section of choreography. However, remember: this is to give you a springboard for creativity. You may have a complete choreography in the end OR you may have the foundations for your own dance. But give yourself time during the week to DANCE & CREATE.

What is the schedule?

9 weeks: Feb 20 - Apr 22
7 lessons Saturdays, 1-2pm
9 feedbacks Thursdays, 1-2pm

Sa 2/20 tiri ti tran & llamada lesson
Th 2/25 feedback
Sa 2/27 letra lesson
Th 3/4 feedback
Sa 3/6 2nd llamada & letra lesson
Th 3/11 feedback
Sa 3/13 NO CLASS
Th 3/18 feedback
Sa 3/20 transition footwork/silencio lesson
Th 3/25 feedback
Sa 3/27 escobilla, transition to bulerias & llamada lesson
Th 4/1 feedback
Sa 4/3 bulerias de Cadiz lesson
Th 4/8 feedback
Sa 4/10 estribillo lesson
Th 4/15 feedback
Th 4/22 feedback

What if I miss a lesson? 

No worries! All the lessons will be recorded so you'll always be able to rewatch them.

$397 paid in full OR

4 monthly payments of $115

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