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  • Each video is only 10 minutes long, but HIGHLY EFFECTIVE, so you can squeeze it into your day
  • Lessons are ADAPTABLE for beginners through advanced levels
  • In these 5 videos, we'll cover BRACEO (upper body), MARCAJE (marking steps), TACONEO (footwork), VUELTAS (turns) & COMBINACIONES (combinations)
  • Dance to the funky rhythm of TANGOS and the earthy rhythm of TIENTOS
  • You'll also get TIPS on how to practice on your own and make it more CHALLENGING.

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Meet your teacher, Rina Orellana

It's my pleasure to offer this free flamenco challenge to help you reignite your flamenco practice (or even start one!)

I've been dancing flamenco for 25 years and I've helped HUNDREDS OF DANCERS from all over the world unleash their inner flamenca with my Online Flamenco Studio!

It's my hope that you join me in this workshop and transform how you practice, develop and dance more fully.

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