Gracias- How to Improvise Workshop

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OLE TU for signing up for the

How to Improvise Flamenco Workshop

Your first video will arrive on Thursday, September 13, so check your inbox for a message from and get ready to dance!

PLUS one lucky dancer will WIN a FREE 3 month subscription to the Online Flamenco Studio. 


**To be eligible to win a FREE 3 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION to the Online Flamenco Studio, you must post a video of yourself doing any of the exercises from the workshop in the free Facebook group. Each video submission is one entry and you can submit up to 4 videos (one for each day). The winner will be chosen at random. (Not available for current or past members of the Online Flamenco Studio. The deadline to submit your video(s) is Friday, September 21, 11:59pm PST.

If you don’t want to post a video, that’s ok! You can still take the challenge and not be eligible for the prize!

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