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Have you been dancing flamenco but still don't understand what the heck you're doing?

In order to DANCE flamenco, you need to be able to SPEAK flamenco!! 


You can't dance flamenco with confidence and conviction without understanding the various PALOS (rhythms) of flamenco and especially the STRUCTURE of a dance. Never mind ever being able to improvise!!

NOW is your chance to SPEAK flamenco with Madrid-trained dancer, Rina Orellana!

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  • A complete guide to the STRUCTURE OF FLAMENCO. Understand the language of flamenco- all the parts, sections or components of a dance from beginning to end. With super simple and more detailed descriptions of dances. PLUS a complete breakdown of an entire Alegrías video solo.
  • A complete guide to understanding the different PALOS (RHYTHMS) OF FLAMENCO. Learn the differences between the most common palos of Alegrías, Solea por Bulerías, Tangos, Bulerías, Guajiras, Sevillanas, Solea, Seguirillas- with video examples of each!
  • Plus, you can also join our FREE COMMUNITY of passionate flamencas from all around the world who are there to give you jaleos!

Meet your teacher, Rina Orellana

It's my pleasure to offer this FREE Flamenco Dancer's Guide to Palos & Structure to help you begin your flamenco journey.

I've been dancing flamenco for over 25 years and I've helped HUNDREDS OF DANCERS from all over the world unleash their inner flamenca with my Online Flamenco Studio.

Making flamenco clear and understandable is my super power! It's my hope that I can help you to unleash your inner Flamenca and dance with power and confidence.


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"Jaleos" for Rina and the FREE Flamenco Dancer's Guide to Palos & Structure

("Jaleos" are the words of encouragement that flamencos give to performers such as OLE, TOMA, ARSA!)

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