Flamenco & Meditation.... what?

Let’s set the intention of being positive, proactive and raising our flamenco power. !

Feeling lost in your flamenco practice?

You've been taking flamenco classes and now all the studios are closed.

You've tried taking Zoom classes.

You've tried practicing on your own.

And you're frustrated because you can't dance the way you want (hello neighbors!)

And you're frustrated because you feel like you've stalled in progressing.

And you're totally stressed out by ALL of it!

You know that flamenco is a powerful force in your life, but you need a little extra nudge to stay motivated.


21 Day Flamenco Meditation Practice 
with Rina Orellana

Flamenco Meditation... what? It's more of a short, intentional 21 day practice.

We’ll work on balance, expression, endurance, strength in all of our flamenco movements. This practice is suitable for all levels (not new beginners) and yes, we WILL be actually DANCING FLAMENCO in these prerecorded videos!

We’ll work on improv, palmas, listening to compás, strengthening, arms, hands, footwork–everything! But all with a special focus of being grounded and in touch with our own power.

Enroll now and start dancing immediately!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Once you complete your purchase, you'll have access to the practice immediately. You can start going through all the daily practices however fast or slow you want. 

PLEASE NOTE that I filmed this video series every day at home during our “shelter in place” orders in Los Angeles– SO NOTHING FANCY.AT.ALL. But you’ll have 5-10 minutes a day of pure flamenco movement where we tap into our joy, courage and truth. Trying to stay steady, strong and calm during this storm and beyond.

Learn at Your Own Pace

With 24/7 streaming wherever you have internet access, you can dance anytime, anywhere. Plus you'll have life-time access!!

Easy to Follow Lessons

Dance along with me through each video. Then you can try it on your own. Links are provided to purchase the music that is used.

Set the Intention

Each day is different as we go through various aspects of a flamenco practice: compás, aire, theory, footwork, upper body, marking and more.

Dance with a Supportive Community

Join the free Facebook group that's filled with flamenco dancers just like you!

JALEOS for the Practice

Jaleos are the words of encouragement and approval that get shouted during a performance. ¡Ole! ¡Toma! ¡Arsa!

21 Day Flamenco Meditation Practice... what's inside

Each week is a journey of intention- grounding, empowering and radiating. Sounds woo woo, but it's the true work we do in the dance studio without really calling it that. 


Week 1: Grounding

Let’s get grounded with our energy, focusing on the palos that require us to be rooted and strong. (Actually, ALL palos require that, right!?) We work our brazeo (upper body) and marcaje (marking steps) in Seguirilla, Buleria por Solea, Solea, Taranto, Tangos, Martinete and Buleria.


Week 2: Empowering

In our second week we move from grounding to empowering. The point is to take the grounded energy to fortify and empower ourself with our movement. Strengthening, Footwork Drill/Warmup, Seguirilla Footwork Drill, Tangos Tacón Drill, Palmas Overview, 4 Count Palo Sampler, 12 Count Palo Sampler.


Week 3: Radiating

This week we use the grounding and empowering work we used previously to focus on RADIATING confidence, power and joy! Pellizcos por Alegrias, Sevillanas, Turns in Solea por Buleria, Pellizcos por Tangos, Subida Footwork Drills, Golpe Runs Footwork Drills, Bulerias por Fiesta Improv.

About The Course Teacher,
Rina Orellana

Rina is a Madrid-trained professional flamenco dancer with over 20 years of experience. She also has had her own dance academy in Los Angeles, California for over 15 years. There she trains many dancers from beginners looking for a fun community and workout all the way to training dancers to perform on their own in tablaos (flamenco venues.) She also has the Online Flamenco Studio, a thriving site with over 30 courses for dancers of all levels.

Rina has a special gift with breaking down the mysteries of flamenco into easy to understand elements. So, she thoroughly enjoys watching the progress her dancers have made whether it's finally "hearing the 12" for a beginner to a tablao dancer using one of her choreographies for her show.

It’s her hope that you, too, can begin your flamenco journey with the Intro to Flamenco Course and  unleash your own flamenco beast!!

Here’s what people are saying about Rina Orellana


Rina is a generous and enthusiastic teacher. Her love of flamenco is infectious. She explains things thoroughly, yet concisely. She demonstrates movements -  not only steps, but body position and arms and hands. After showing what she is going to teach, she breaks it down, then builds it back together, then practices with us! Thank you, Rina, for sharing your gift with us.

~Kathy S.


Rina's teaching is warm, encouraging and thorough, and you really feel that you are in a live class as you dance with her. For all of us who live in a "flamenco desert" this is a fantastic resource to find.

~Angela N.


Flamenco is a challenging dance form. Rina has a clear and unique way of breaking it down. She teaches the forms and movements clearly and slowly and also the structure of the dance. She has grace and power, expertise and patience and sense of humor. The Online Flamenco Studio is really a University of Compás! Ole!

~Cydney R.

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21 day flamenco meditation practice

21 videos, 10-15 minutes each. Filmed in my home, while "sheltered in place" in California during the pandemic.

This is a super low price for everything you get in this practice. But, it is my gift


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