10 Minutes of Flamenco a Day
with Rina Orellana & the Online Flamenco Studio

Day 4 Turns

¡OLE! Let's turn, turn and turn some more in Tangos and Tientos.

**New Beginners should follow the video as is!
**More experienced dancers can follow the video and then choose another piece of music to practice with.

Music used: Tangos solo compás con guitarra @144bpm (Solo Compás), Tientos solo compás con guitarra @120bpm (Solo Compás)

Try this for bonus: Mammy Blue (Jose Mercé, Tangos), Tientos del Candil con Miguel Poveda (Vicente Amigo)

TIPS: Keep arms rounded, abs engaged and spot. Oh and smile ;)

PRACTICE. Follow along with me or use your own music!
RECORD. Video a short snippet of your practice with solo compás or music.

TRACKDownload the tracker sheet here and use to make consistent progress.
POST.  Upload the video to the Online Flamenco Studio FREE Community Group. You'll inspire others to practice and get tons of "jaleos" from the others!!! If you're not ready to record a video, then at least come visit and share your progress!!

Remember, one lucky dancer will win a FREE 3 month subscription to the Online Flamenco Studio. OLE!

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